Two distinct formats of submission are accepted in this competition:

  • Python Notebook (.ipynb)

  • Python Script (.py)

Python Notebook Participants

This notebook is an example of a basic submission. It also covers how to set up and get access to the datasets:

We highly recommend going through this notebook to understand the setup and gain familiarity with the submission process.

Go to and click on the "reveal the command" button to access the commands that will set up your personal workspace.

Copy and paste the commands under the "reveal the command" overlay in your notebook to be able to access the data.

Here is a quick description of each command:

# Installs the crunch library in your workspace.
%pip install crunch-cli --upgrade

# To use the library, import the crunch package and instantiate it to be able to access its functionality.
# You can do that using the following lines:
import crunch
crunch = crunch.load_notebook(__name__)

# Authenticates your user, downloads your project workspace, and enables your access to the data
!crunch setup <username> --token <token>

# moves to the created working directory
%cd <username>

Note that the provided token acts as an authentication mechanism and has a duration of three minutes, after which it will become obsolete.

Python Script Participants

Go to and click on "reveal the command" button to access the commands that will set up your workspace. Execute the commands in a terminal, in a working directory of your choice.


The website generates new tokens every minute, and each token can only be used once within a 3-minute timeframe.

This prevents any issues if your token is accidentally shared because it will likely have already been used or expired.

This token allows the CLI to download data and submit it on your behalf.

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