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Once tested a code can be submitted.

Submit with Notebook

Submitting a notebook solution is very simple.
Download your notebook under the .ipynb format and upload it under the submit section of the CrunchDAO platform.

Specifying package versions

Since submitting a Notebook does not includes a requirements.txt, users can instead specify a package's version using requirement specifiers at the import level in a comment on the same line.
# valid statement
import pandas # == 1.3
import sklearn # >= 1.2, < 2.0
import tqdm # [foo, bar]
import scikit # ~= 1.4.2
from requests import Session # == 1.5
Specifying multiple times will cause the submission to be rejected if they are different.
# inconsistant versions will be rejected
import pandas # == 1.3
import pandas # == 1.5
Specifying versions on standard libraries will do nothing (but they will still be rejected if there is an inconsistent version).
# will be ignored
import os # == 1.3
import sys # == 1.5

Submit with Crunch CLI

Usage: crunch push [OPTIONS]
Send the new submission of your code.
-m, --message TEXT Specify the change of your code. (like a commit
-e, --main-file TEXT Entrypoint of your code. [default:]
--model-directory TEXT Directory where your model is stored. [default:
--help Show this message and exit.

Check your submission

If the submission is complete you will see it appears under your submission section.
Some interesting submissions ;)
The backend is parsing your submission to retrieve the code of the interface's functions (ie: train, and infer) and the dependencies of your code. By clicking on the right-side arrow you will access your submission content.
The view of a submission once properly uploaded
Make sure that the system properly parsed your code and imports