Once tested a code can be submitted.

Submit with Notebook

Submitting a notebook solution is very simple.

Download your notebook under the .ipynb format and upload it under the submit section of the CrunchDAO platform.

Specifying package versions

Since submitting a Notebook does not includes a requirements.txt, users can instead specify a package's version using requirement specifiers at the import level in a comment on the same line.

# valid statement
import pandas # == 1.3
import sklearn # >= 1.2, < 2.0
import tqdm # [foo, bar]
import scikit # ~= 1.4.2
from requests import Session # == 1.5

Specifying multiple times will cause the submission to be rejected if they are different.

# inconsistant versions will be rejected
import pandas # == 1.3
import pandas # == 1.5

Specifying versions on standard libraries will do nothing (but they will still be rejected if there is an inconsistent version).

# will be ignored
import os # == 1.3
import sys # == 1.5

Submit with Crunch CLI

Usage: crunch push [OPTIONS]

  Send the new submission of your code.

  -m, --message TEXT      Specify the change of your code. (like a commit

  -e, --main-file TEXT    Entrypoint of your code.  [default:]
  --model-directory TEXT  Directory where your model is stored.  [default:

  --help                  Show this message and exit.

Check your submission

If the submission is complete you will see it appears under your submission section.

The backend is parsing your submission to retrieve the code of the interface's functions (ie: train, and infer) and the dependencies of your code. By clicking on the right-side arrow you will access your submission content.

Make sure that the system properly parsed your code and imports

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